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Ayibobo to Bondye the Ancestors and the Lwa!

Photo of Map MontreYo Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon HounganMy name is William Rizzuto, and and my spiritual name is Map MontreYo Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Houngan. I am Houngan Sou Pwen by my mothers Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo & La Reine Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo of La Sosyete La Belle Deesse Dereale.

Growing up in Louisiana, I was consistently exposed to New Orleans Voodoo/Hoodoo. I was known as the odd child in my family because of my intense interest in old magical lore. Since an early age I was a natural empath and like my grandparents I also had the ability to attract and sense dis-embodied spirits. My formal spiritual training began at the age of 15 when I began to practice Wicca with a well known coven in Atlanta, Georgia. I was ultimately initiated to the first degree and continued as a practicing Witch until I began to feel the irresistible pull of the Lwa.

In 2009, I began to serve the Spirits which first made themselves known in my life. One after the other, the Lwa started revealing themselves to me and I soon realized that this was the beginning of a whole new journey that would become the start of a lifetime of wonder, humility, wisdom and service. These Living Spirits known as the Lwa were beginning to bend and alter who I once was, all the while demonstrating to me their role in nature and humanity. This influence was something that I simply couldn't ignore nor deny, and the excitement of the Lwa was bringing me a whole new sense of faith, which at times seemed oddly familiar to me. I knew that I had done this before, and this was the ke, that would open the door to the next stage of my spiritual evolution, as well as enable me to give back and help others.

Through God, the service to the Spirits, and the continual support of my spiritual family, it is my goal to continue throughout this lifetime, to never stop learning and never stop growing. To stop learning is to die, and I am reminded by what Mama La Belle Sr. & Mama La Belle Jr. have taught me: that greatness can be achieved through humility and patience. And to ALWAYS put your trust in the Spirits no matter what. As Houngan, it is also my goal to educate others about what our religion is all about. I want to destroy the myths and misconceptions and about our religion, demonstrating the beauty and strength of the Haitian culture and her people.

Because of the hard work and dedication of our Sosyete, I am fortunate to have a strong and secure backbone in this beautiful religion. I am truly blessed. I am so proud of my wonderful Vodou family of La Sosyete La Belle Deesse Dereale, and would like to thank all of my brothers and sisters for lifetimes of consistent hard work and sacrifice in teaching and preserving this most beautiful way of life. In particular, I want to thank my Haitian brothers and sisters for accepting this southern white boy into their family and helping me to find home, where I belong. In the name of Bondye, the Ancestors and the Lwa, from the bottom of my heart, I love you and thank you for your love, guidance, and continual support.