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A chosen one, from his father and mothers side, he was born in Au Cap in the north side of Haiti. He was from Lacour Dereale, one of the oldest and popular Lacour in Au Cap, still to this day. He moved from Au Cap to Bene in the south side of Haiti, that's where he had my grand father (Amant) which he passed all the knowledge he had to him. Once he passed, Amant became the second generation of Houngan in the family. He started very young and never refused work for everyone in need. Back then, Vodou wasn’t what it is today, people had to hide their spirituality. If you get possessed by spirits, you couldn’t go to school, church, or even be seen in the neighborhood, because you would get teased. They would treat you like you were crazy. But that did not stop the spirits from taking over his body whenever they felt the need too, and it always seemed to happened when someone was in need of help. So he continued doing the work the spirits called him to do. He would become their counselor, diviner, protector, lawyer, doctor; a leader for his community. In 1953 he moved to Cote de Fer, another town in the south of Haiti. He was 28 years old when he married St Anne (La Belle Jr.'s grandmother), on april 14th 1954. They gave birth to their first child La Belle Jr.'s mother (La Belle Deesse Sr.) He started teaching her the ways of the spirits at a very young age, and she consistently accompanied him during his healings and spiritual workings. La Belle Deesse was sent to school in Fond des Blanc, another town in the south side of Cote de Fer. On December 25, 1961 this amazing Houngan died in Cote de Fer. He was just 35 years old. Meanwhile La Belle was in a corn field in Fond des Blanc, and while seated on a rock, she began to feel her head spinning. This would mark the beginning of a long journey ahead of her. A spirit mounted her and walked 44 kilometers from Fond des Blanc to Cote de Fer, on her feet she while only just 7 years old. The spirit that mounted her was Marinette , and was the first spirit to mount LaBelle Deesse Sr. When she regained consciousness she found herself safe at home. That’s when they informed her of her fathers death. The choice was made; the next chosen one was confirmed. LaBelle Deesse Sr. is the 3rd generation of mambo in our family lineage.

Mama La Belle Senior

Mama LaBelle SrSoulage Minfo Bon Mambo, also known as Mama La Belle Sr., is a 3rd generation mambo assogwe, and serves the spirits from both her mothers and her fathers side. Taught by her father, she started doing her first spiritual work for people at the tender age 7. After her fathers death, Mrs. Victor, also known as Adieu Minfo Bon Mambo, and spiritual daughter of Agasse Gacon Bon Houngan, became her spiritual mother. She was located in wanne 93 in Carrefour, the lacours name was (lacour pon sonde numero 1). In her time, she was one of the most well known and respected mambo's in Carrefour. La Belle Deesse became a Mambo Assogwe at the age of 33, on July 18, 1984. Unfortunately a year after she took the asson, Adieu Monfo Bon Mambo, her spiritual mother, sadly passed away, leaving LaBelle Sr. to continue to pay homage to her, by following the traditions of her mother's society. It's been over 47 years since La Belle Senior starting serving the spirits. She is one of the most well known mambo's in all of Haiti, working to help people spiritually worldwide. My mother has one of the most beautiful hearts of anyone that I've ever known, and I'm so proud to call her mother. Her love is endless and without condition, and I thank the spirits every day for the blessing of bringing me into her family. Thank you mama for everything that you are.

Mama La Belle Junior

Mama La Belle Jr.Born in December 1975, Mama LaBelle Jr., also known as Lareine Edeyo Soulage Minfo Bon Mambo, is the first child of LaBelle Deesse Sr. and the 4th generation of mambo assogwe. Born and raised in Vodou, she has been serving the spirits all her life, and spent her first 25 years traveling the world teaching and guiding all those in need of spiritual help. At the age of 12, the spirits first started communicating with her in her dreams, and to her mother this was an important sign of what was yet to come. At 15 she started to work part time with her mother assisting her with her job as a spiritual worker and healer. Her first possession occured at the age of 16, when Erzulie Dantor came down and mounted her, clarifying her destiny as an important spiritual leader in Haitian Vodou. With her mother at her side, she had her first initiation to soupoint at the age of 19. She would continue working with her family and the spirits, and wouldn't become assogwe until several years later. Mama LaBelle Jr. is a chosen one, and with that comes a great responsibilities as a mambo and spiritual leader. Her and her mother founded LaBelle Deesee Dereale Vodou Temple, with the goal of protecting their heritage as well as building a better picture for Vodou, so that people will understand that our traditions and our religion are not to be feared. Along with her mother, Mama LaBelle Jr., lives in Petionville Haiti as well as in Montreal Canada, where she has earned the title as the Ati (Big Tree) of Haitian Vodou in Montreal Canada. My mother reflects all the same wonderful aspects of Mama LaBelle Sr., demonstrating her life's dedication in service to the spirits. Loving mother, daughter, and sister, she continues to guide and counsel all those in need of her help. Her efforts to create positive awareness, can be seen in numerous TV interviews, radio show's, documentaries and magazines. I love you Mama from the bottom of my heart. You represent to me a never ending source of love, wisdom, inspiration and beauty. I thank God, the Ancestors, and the Lwa for having you.