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image of tarot card spread Readings

Spiritual insight through readings is a wonderful and unique service that is beneficial for all to experience. Offering insight and clues to your past, present and future, a good reading guided by the help of the Spirits can help you achieve your goals, foresee obstacles, and broaden your perspective on your current life's path in any situation. All readings may be done through email, telephone or in person.

Spiritual Baths & House Cleansing

image of a spiritual bathSpiritual baths are one of the most effective and common practices among many traditions. In Haitian Vodou, baths are a part of everything involving spiritual cleansing and removal, to magnetizing yourself in order to draw something very specific, and all the way to complex rights of passage. It can be seen that Spiritual Baths are as old as religion itself, providing not only cleanliness but preparing ones body/spirit to welcome in the presence of God.

These baths are specifically prepared on the point of a Spirit. There is much work put in to creating this type of bath. Separate altars are built, veve's are drawn and a multitude of prayers are offered before and after the mixing begins. And sometimes the Spirit will even come down to mount me and will administer the bath themselves. All these acts are a must for a successful bath to commence. I offer these baths for a wide range of purposes and and the administering will vary form case to case. And in some instances more than one may be required for the work being done.

Spiritual Work/Travay

image of candle on altarI offer spiritual work which can offer assistance for an array of issues. Whether or not work is needed has to be determined by gaining insight through a proper reading. After this, we determine which spirit is willing to assist, wherupon I will then do an illumination, which will enable me to make contact with the spirit that chooses to take on the job. Once we know this, I will provide you with a list of materials that I will need in order to perform the service. These will include things such as supplies for a lamp or bath (if used) and various offerings and drinks that will be used to entice the Spirit to work. The work will be maintained over a specific period of time, which will vary, depending of who we are working with.

Its important to understand that results can take different amounts of time to manifest. They don't just happen overnight. Some spirits work faster and others much slower. In some cases, the Spirit may require that the work be extended longer in order to gain results. It's also important to say in regards to spiritual workthis type of work that results will NEVER be achieved by those who do not have faith in the Spirits. If you don't believe in the Spirits, then why would they want to help you? It's also not me who manifests your desires. My job is having the ability to call and communicate with them so that it becomes possible; this you must also have faith in. The rest is up to Bondye (God) and the Spirits.

My fee for doing the work will only be determined once the work is complete and the results have manifested. The price will vary from case to case and is determined by my own Met Tet (the Spirit which rules my head). Results are not guaranteed and anyone who tells you that they are, should be avoided at all cost. God is the only miracle worker here.

If you're interested in negative or baneful works of any kind, such as curses or hexes to bring harm or bad luck to others, then I am not the one for you. These types of works are harmful to my own spiritual growth and offensive to my spiritual family; they are contrary to everything that I have been taught. Ayibobo!